ALFREDO MAESTRO – Castilla y León – Spain

Alfredo Maesto is a city man, who has become a farmer as a choice and not because of circumstances. He is guided by passion and love, which we find in each of his bottles. His production is mainly of reds (Tempranillo and Garnacha) which can be drank both young and aged; then there’s the LoveAmor, the albillo (white grapes) pure which surprises even the most demanding of tasters. Alfredo Maestro manages some vineyards near Madrid, but mainly in Castilla y Leon, in Penafel in the Ribera near Valladolid (the Spanish Bolgheri), land which has always celebrated the most famous Spanish reds. To process natural wines in this piece of land is like finding yourself on the frontline in the Caporetto battle and yet, Alfredo Maestro, teacher both in name and facts, acting as a righteous Charon he takes on the task of ferrying heretic sommeliers from vanilla wines with shavings icing towards the right way of pure, real wine.

Produced Wines:

  • LOVAMOR 2018 (Ribera del Duero) (100% Albillo). Steel and Chestnut barrels. No added sulphites.
  • CONSUELO 2015 (Ribera del Duero) (100% Albillo major). Barrique.
  • Rosado Clàsico de CIGALES-Sobrecasa 2015 (Cigales – Valladolid) (80% Tempanillo, 20% local varieties). Barrique.
  • EL MARCIANO 2016 (Sierra de Gredos) Garnacha de la Sierra de Gredos. Steel. No added sulphites.
  • Viña Almate 2016 (Ribera del Duero) (100% Trempanillo). Steel. No added sulphites.
  • El Rey del glam 2017 (Ribera del Duero- Sierra de Gredos) (100% Garnacha). Carbon Mace ration. Steel. No added sulphites.
  • A Dos Tiempos 2016 (Navalcarnero – Madrid) (50% Tinto fino, 50% Garnacha). Steel and Barrique. No added sulphites.
  • Tinto Castrillo de Duero 2015 (Ribera del Duero) (100% Tempranillo). Steel and Barrique. No added sulphites.
  • La Cosa – The Thing 2017 (Ribera del Duero) (100% Moscatel de Alejandrìa). Steel. No added sulphites.

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