SO2 is a provocative way to state the opposite: most of the wines in these pages don’t contain any added sulphites. We love those wines in which human intervention is merely about professional knowledge and not in any case regarding the addition of synthetic products both in the vineyard and the winery. Nowadays we write and read a lot about the relation between man and territory to define the characteristics of a natural wine: how the winemaker can fully express the particular potential of a specific area. We hear a lot less about the relation between the drinker, the wine, and its healthiness.
SO2 hasn’t yet produced any wine but we have tasted a great deal.
From the bottle to the glass what really flows are the stories and friends: some of these are the wine producers we are presenting today. Glasses of wine that are both simple and complex, made and consumed by people. People that serve them in the taverns: those ancient places that once belonged to our fathers. So as the places where these are served change, we can still get around and always meet new people and new wines that can warm the heart. What we have found surprising – on this journey that has brought us to publish our first catalogue – is how wine has changed us.
Alfonso and Katia