Hubert and Heidi Hausherr’s family property is located near the historical village of Eguisheim, which is near Colmar, in Alsace, in the north of France. Here they cultivate 4 hectares of vineyards with a biodynamic and biological approach and where the respect for the planet and the environment makes their wine a healthy, live drink. The quality of the soil is the foundation for their farming agriculture, the vines are worked with a tow horse or simply by hand and then undergo a vertical soft pressing, in a manual press, so to protect the quality of the fruit. The juice are directly gathered in the tanks and here their fermentation starts spontaneously, in two or three days, thanks to the help of indigenous yeasts. All of this attention brings the vineyards to develop a natural resistance to chemical and parasitic aggressions. Hubert and Heidi’s work contributes to guarantee the quality of the grapes and their juice, quality which avoids the addition of anything during the birth of the wine.

Produced Wines:

  • Sains Pretention 2017 (Gewurztraminer 40%, Riesling 27%, Divers 33%). No added sulphites.
  • La Sentier au Sud 2016 (Riesling 70%, Pinot grigio 30%). Barrel. No added sulphites.
  • Le Jardin Là-Haut 2017 (Riesling 49%, Gewurztraminer 51%). Barrel. No added sulphites.
  • Sui generis 2016 (Gewurztraminer 100%). Barrel. No added sulphites.
  • Le Colline Celeste 2017 (Gewurztraminer 68%, Riesling 12%, Pinot Grigio 18%). Barrel. No added sulphites.
  • Au Bout Du Sentier 2008 (Riesling 100%). Steel. Sulphites: 20mg/l.
  • Copains Comme Raisins 2017 (Riesling 45%, Pinot grigio 35%, Sylvaner 10% and Pinot Auxerrois 10%). No added sulphites.

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