NANDO – Slovenia

Paraphrasing a known Netflix series (Orange is the New Black) Slovenia is the new Friuli. Nando i s surely one of the most interesting realities of Collio: his vineyards are on the border, half on the Slovenian collio and half on the Italian collio. Andrej Kristancic’s wines completely represent the rocky essence of the collio (“ponka” in Slovenian and “marna” in Italian) the precious temperature excursions and the knowledgeable sloveno-friulian technique of maceration of grapes. The grapes cultivated in this marvellous, sloping 5.5 hectares are Rebula, Tokaj, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, all that must absolutely be tried and tasted (no exceptions!).

Produced Wines:

  • Rebula (Blu label) 2017 (COLLIO) (Ribolla Gialla 100%). Steel. Sulphites <40 mg/L.
  • Jackot (Blu label) 2017 (COLLIO) (Tocai friuliano 100%). Steel. Sulphites <20 mg/L.
  • Rebula (Black label) 2015 (COLLIO) (Ribolla Gialla 100%). Big Barrel. Sulphites <10 mg/L.
  • Jackot (Black label) 2015 (COLLIO) (Tocai friuliano 100%). Big Barrel. Sulphites <20 mg/L.
  • Malvazija (Black label) 2015 (GORIŠKA BRDA) (Malvasia 100%). Big Barrel. Sulphites <20 mg/L.

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